Ann Marie Dale, PhD, OTR/L

Professor of Medicine and Occupational Therapy

Dr. Dale is a Professor of Medicine and Occupational Therapy at WUSM. Dr. Dale has over 30 years of experience in the clinical treatment of work-related upper extremity conditions and in worksite based prevention of musculoskeletal disorders. She has used a variety of intervention methods for individuals and groups of workers in many industries including healthcare, construction, retail grocery, automotive, manufacturing, and service industries, to prevent or reduce the effects of physical exposures from work tasks. Since joining the OSHR Group in 2001, she earned a PhD in Epidemiology with a focus on measurement and evaluation of musculoskeletal disorders. She is currently exploring safety and ergonomic interventions in the construction industry and participatory health interventions among retail grocery workers. Both projects focus on reducing physical exposures and improving the health of workers. Dr. Dale has a passion for helping workers maintain and regain function in order to lead successful and productive work lives.

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